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Tony&Ziva | 6x06 | ” All I’m saying is that some of the nuns that I knew could get extremely agitated ”

Abby: ‘All I know is that someone, or should I say someones, have been using the storeroom at the back of my lab for what I can only assume are non-work related activities’.

McGee: ‘Maybe installing that surveillance camera last month wasn’t such a bad idea after all’.

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"How do you think she is holding up on her first day of school?" Tony asks as he nervously taps onto the steering wheel while waiting for the red light to turn green.
“I think she is doing just fine, I mean she has my genes after all.” A smug smile appears on Ziva’s face as she confidently answers his question.
“Which means she probably ended up beating up some poor boy because he tried to be nice to her.” Now it was Tony’s turn to smirk and Ziva’s turn to look at him with wide eyes and a shocked expression.
“Do you really think she would do this?” For a moment she really considers this possibility and anxiously awaits his reply.
“Naah, I think she did great and was a nice girl.” Tony lets out a muffled laugh and focuses on the road again.
“That was so not funny Tony.” Ziva complains and weakly punches his arm before crossing hers in front of her chest and seeing a wide grin appearing on his face.
“I think it was, you really should have seen your face.”

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There’s a woman in the cafe I’m sitting in who likes so much like Cote De Pablo I’m not even kidding! She’s got the same hair, the same kind of face, she’s even got an accent and is speaking in a completely different language. She’s sitting with (I guess) her father. It’s definitely not Cote De Pablo but guys…I think I’ve just found the real Ziva David!!!

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